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Massage therapy in my hotel room

A Rejuvenators massage therapist will arrive at your hotel approximately 5 minutes prior to the booking time and contact your room from reception to ensure that you are prepared for your treatment.

We recommend that you shower and robe before the booking time to ensure you receive the full time allocated for your massage.

You will be asked to complete a Health Questionnaire to indicate both your massage preferences and current state of health while your massage therapist sets up their table, products and music. Once you have completed the Health Questionnaire, you will be invited onto the massage table for the start of your treatment.

Massage therapy in my workplace

Our friendly therapist will arrive with the following products – Ergonomic Massage Chair/Table, Hygienic Face Covers (for massage chair), Music and any special requests you may make (Essential Oils, Towels, etc) to your office or conference location.

From there they either follow special instructions from our booking officers based on your unique request or go to the reception desk of your office and ask for the booking person, or directions as to where you would like them to set up/begin the treatment.

Massage therapy in my home

On arrival, you’ll know it’s us – your massage therapist will be wearing a Rejuvenators’ uniform and arrive with portable massage table, towels and oils.

We suggest that you talk with your massage therapist on arrival to give them an understanding of the type of massage and pressure that you prefer. If it is your first massage ask as many questions as you need to in order to feel comfortable with your service.

Once the massage therapist has set up their massage table and you have completed your Health Questionnaire, you will be invited onto the massage table where you will become relaxed and rejuvenated.

Is your service legitimate?

Our massage therapists provide a STRICTLY THERAPEUTIC, NON-SEXUAL service. Please do not ask the massage therapist for any ‘extras’. We value our massage therapists and strive to maintain a work environment free of sexual harassment.

Should I shower before the therapist arrives?

We suggest that to save your valuable massage time, it is best to shower before your therapist arrives and that no make-up is worn. If you have no time prior to us arriving to have a shower, please note: If you choose to have one when your therapist arrives, try to make it very short as you are reducing your massage time – our team have strict deadlines to adhere to; to ensure you receive the full treatment booked, and so does their next client.

May I wear jewellery?

We prefer that you keep your jewellery to a minimum as it is easier for our massage therapists to perform your treatment. Without bulky bracelets, necklaces or watches the therapist will be able to create much more flow while massaging.

Should I talk to the therapist or remain silent during my treatment?

We suggest that you talk with your therapist on arrival and give him/her an understanding of the type of massage and pressure that you like if you are a frequent massage recipient.

If it is your first massage then ask as many questions as you need to in order to feel comfortable with the treatment that you are receiving and the pressure applied.

Once the massage begins you may talk with your therapist as you wish or close your eyes and enjoy the pampering (our therapists will not be upset if you are silent during your massage).

Can I extend my massage or re-book for another treatment?

Of course you can! We are really glad that you love the treatment; we spend countless hours to recruit and train only the highest quality of therapist that make our team to ensure we give you the very best service.

We ask that you respect this and only book through Rejuvenators Head Office. Your therapist will be able to call and make your next booking whilst with you and confirm your next appointment.

If you would like to extend your session length, he/she will call the call centre to ensure they do not have another booking immediately following yours. We will at all times do our utmost to keep your therapist with you for the additional time (if an extension is requested) and re-arrange their bookings with other therapists if need be.

Please DO NOT ask our therapists for private phone numbers as it is strictly against company regulations and may result in their dismissal. Please direct all bookings to our call centre. We reward our therapists for subsequent re-bookings.

What a great massage! Am I allowed to tip?

As in all service related businesses it is at your discretion to tip the person who has performed a service to your satisfaction.

I’ve never had massage therapy before, what service should I book for?

Sore Neck/Shoulders/Headache

All our services come with your choice of our traditional full body massage (StressBuster massage), Remedial (Deep Tissue Massage) or Relaxation (Swedish Massage) styles of massage, however the Body & Scalp (75min), Escapade (90 min), Ultimate Indulgence (120 min) and Devine Decadence (150 min) packages also include our 15 minute scalp massage incorporating our unique coconut hair cream. Scalp massage can help to relax a tense mind and help remove mental stresses and pains created by emotional and environmental pressure.

Tired Feet/Legs/Hips

Our Fabulous Feet (75 min), Escapade (90 min), Ultimate Induilgence (120 min) and Devine Decadence (150 min) packages all include a 15min foot massage pamper session to help relieve your tired feet; as well as your choice of our StressBuster massage, Deep Tissue massage, Sports massage or Swedish massage styles. Your foot massage pamper is done using our uniquely made Peppermint Foot Cream, and your massage therapist (at your direction) can put extra time and healing energy into problematic areas in your lower body.