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Mobile Massage in Adelaide

The natural human instinct is to provide touch to areas of our bodies that are aching or in pain, or even to soothe and calm a crying infant. Anyone who has ever had a simple back rub knows that touch can be truly transformative. That’s why  mobile massage therapy is an ancient and intuitive healing art that has been celebrated by practically every culture on the face of the earth for thousands of years. With Rejuvenators offering Mobile Massage in Adelaide we can lessen this strain and enhance wellness with proven techniques and a 20 year history of success.

The application of purposeful touch throughout history has evolved into an industry centered on a natural healing process which uniquely stimulates the flow of blood, guides the production of hormones and helps to heal your body both inside and out.

In modern times, massage therapy has been used by people of all walks of life in order to help them to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better sleepMobile Massage in Adelaide
  • More energy
  • Improved mood
  • Decrease in emotional and physical stress
  • Reduction or elimination of chronic neck and back pain
  • Elimination of soreness caused by exercise or strain
  • Increased flexibility
  • Better concentration and focus
  • Improved body and mind awareness

Rejuvenators was founded by Kym Power in 1993 and has quickly grown into one of Australia’s premier massage therapy
companies. With a team of over 70 message therapists located throughout Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane,Melbourne and Perth; we are proud to be hailed as the preferred provider of massage therapy services to over 800 of Australia’s 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts and there is no where more important than Adelaide for our Mobile Massage offering!

At the end of your long and stressful day, you deserve to treat yourself well. Nothing can help you to relax, de-stress and unwind better than a Rejuvenators message. Our skilled and licensed message therapists take pleasure in expertly rubbing the kinks out of your shoulders, neck, back, hands and feet to bring you the ultimate comfort. Take advantage of our mobile message service in Adelaide and we will come to your home, office or hotel today.

Looking for a massage at home ? Well, look no further!

We help you cut through the annoyance and discomfort of sitting in traffic to get to and from a skilled massage therapist. In fact, we can come to you almost every day of the year, if you like. The only day we are not open is Christmas!

Our professional massage therapists are devoted to providing all of our clients with an exceptional experience.

We value our clients and put their relaxation and comfort above all else.

That’s why our licensed therapists offer treatment until midnight and are available with as little as 2 hours advance booking. There is no charge for cancellation or the rescheduling of any appointment as long as it is done more than an hour before your therapist is scheduled to show up at your location. Appointments cancelled or rescheduled an hour or less before the appointment time are subject to fee of service.

Book Your Massage Service in Today!

Have you been toying with the idea of a hotel massage or corporate massage?

Book with us today and you will enjoy the full benefits of aromatherapy, deep tissue message, stone message and much more depending on your preferences. We provide a luxurious and fully personalized experience that is a perfect way to treat your hardworking staff or unwind after a long day of meetings, conferences and seminars.

Our therapists come fully prepared to cater to you at any location throughout the city.

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